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Dressing up Sweats!

I know!  Did you ever think it was possible?  My sister bought me these sweat pants by Marc New York, and they are just so yummy to wear and fashionable, that I put my creative juices to work and figured out a way to dress them up! 

On cold, winter nights when you are just not feeling stockings and a dress, and you wore jeans all day, if you're like me, you open the doors to your closet, and you're caught between the dilemma of looking great and feeling great.  On this particular evening, I was going out to a really nice dinner.  I decided to roll up the sweat pants a bit, and add my chunky, pewter heels and blouse from Ann Taylor.  My earrings are made by an Israeli jeweler, and I bought them in TJ Maxx years ago.  I added a bunch of clunky bling to my wrist, and with a pop of red on my lips, I was ready to go dig in to some tasty cocktails and dinner.  I can guarantee, I was the most comfortable lady there!


Valentine's Day "V"ling

What a cute way to add some va-va-voom to your Valentine's Day!  At the Nicole Miller boutique in Manayunk, (Philadelphia) for all of you not familiar with the city, you can find cute accessories to jazz up your digits and decolete.  The ruby and rhinestone ring caught my eye in the store from steps away, capturing the light, and sparkling brightly.  I love that it's inspired by the sapphire ring worn by Duchess Kate, and who wouldn't want to look like her!

Obviously, this is perfect to wear on Valentine's Day, but feel free to take it out for a ride from your jewelry box on other days and special occasions.  If you have a simple and elegant dress, or an evening gown, this ring is perfect to wear.

Find it at Nicole Miller on Main Street in Philadelphia.


Hair of the Dog Fashion

My husband and I went to the swankiest party in Philadelphia called Hair of the Dog.  I love getting all dressed up for fancy occasions.  I had this Lord & Taylor dress in my closet for a few years, just waiting to be worn, and Joe wore his tux with rhinestone shirt buttons.  The theme of the event was Great Gatsby, which called for feathers and flapper styles,  but I  liked the length of this gold dress and wanted to go with more of a Black Tie feel.  I wore my Delman gold strappy sandals, and huge rhinestone earrings with a rhinestone bracelet to accessorize.  Since it is mid-winter, I wore my BCBG black fur dress jacket.

Although I loved looking at all the amazing fashions at the event, I wanted to tell some of the female attendees that sometimes more is--well, more. Sexiness is achieved by leaving a little to the imagination. Despite my own fashion critique, I was truly impressed by the creativity of many of the looks for both the guys and the girls. Glittery gowns, fun hairstyles, great make-up, and fabulous jewelry turned the ballroom into one big disco ball.  Gotta start thinking about what I'll wear next year!


Grammys 2014

Ok, so obviously, you're not going to wear this look for your wedding day, but for a fun night out at the GRAMMYS, why the hell not?!  Rita Ora really glammed it up, keeping her dress, clutch, and jewelry very "neutral" and let her nails do the talking.

It's almost strange that with so much glitz and glitter, her look doesn't clash.  With all that bling, you'd think it might.  The key here is that her accesories don't clash with the color of her dress.  Everything is gold-toned, except for her crazy nails.  That's why it works.  There is a common theme in her look:  glittery, gold, and glam.  Because everything blends, she can go crazy with her manicure, and it all works exceptionally well.


Black Gold at the Golden Globes

One of the best parts of awards shows are the outfits!  This dress by Dolce & Gabbana was by far my favorite.  Camila Alves was a knockout, and in my mind, stood out of everyone else.

Her dress was more or less "simple".  Black in color, high neckline, long sleeves, plain.  But, the liquid sequins hugged every curve of her body, and was elegant, conservative, and extremely sexy at the same time.

She let her dress do the talking, and kept it pretty simple with her shoes and jewelry, a great fashion choice so as to not take attention away from the showstopper.

Absolutely fabulous.  First prize!  And, she had a winning husband to match.


New Year's Glitter Can Be Re-Glammed

 I rarely go shopping for a dress for a special occasion.  You wouldn't think that be the case if you looked in my "fancy" closet, where I stash all my beautiful dresses.  Each dress has a story; having been worn for a special occasion like my prom or the Miss New Jersey pageant I was in.  Others are waiting to be worn.  I find that I get the best dresses when I'm really not looking for them, and for the best prices. 

I wore last year's BCBG green sequined dress for the first time this New Year's.  I love that it had a longer sleeve, so it was a bit warmer than my sister's choice (although she looked stunning in her Trina Turk).  Vivid green is one of my favorite colors to wear too, because it's different than what you see many other women wearing. 

When I'm deciding on whether or not to buy an evening dress, I make sure to ask myself if it's re-wearable.  In other words, do I love it so much that I'll want to re-wear it.  With all the options out there in evening wear, take a moment to go through this checklist before making your decision:

1.  Do I have anything else like this in my closet already?

2.  Is this a dress I'll definitely want to rewear?  That might help you decide if it's worth the purchase if you're on the fence.

3.  Does it make a statement?

4.  Am I making an impulsive purchase?  If the answer is "yes", put your wallet away!

5.  Do you LOVE it?  If you love it, and it makes you happy, go ahead and treat yourself.



Are you looking for the PERFECT gift . . . ?


What a clutch, and for a great price!  This Claire Vivier calf hair foldover clutch is a perfect gift for any fashionista you know, including yourself!   Designed in traditional black and white, and coming in blue as well, it's the clutch you'll wear with everything.  All leather and calf hair, and with dimensions that allow you to put more than just your lipstick inside, this is the clutch you'll grab when you're wearing most looks.  I love that you can dress it up or down, and that it's such a statement bag without being overwhelming.  Find it here:




Love these booties by H by Hudson.  With just the right amount of heel and a sleek finish, these will be your go-to boots when you're strutting your stuff around town, but you don't want to sacrifice comfort for fashion!  Pair them with your sleek leather pants, skinny jeans and pants, tights, and even certain dresses.  I think I've just added something new to my Christmas list!


The Luxe of Mariana Valentina

 The woman is a genius:  I'm so in love with the luxe feel of Mariana Valentina's collections.  Just when I think I've seen the best of her collection, I turn to the next photo and am even more in love with her style.

With vibrantly colored furs, metallic and shimmery fabrics, and luxe materials, she truly dresses the beauty of the body with sleek and figure-hugging silhouettes.  Her clothing makes a statement on its own.  Her pieces have such a powerful voice, that there is a minimal need for extra bling and accessories.  What I love is that she lets the sexiness of the female body show through the clothing, without making it look cheap and unsophisticated.

I am so completely in love with her eggplant-colored fur jacket, which seems to be in the upcoming fall/winter collection. 

Although I'm one to style people, I will let this designer style me any day!

Check: for other incredibly luxurious finds.


A Sweatpants Culture?

 When I wake up on cool, crisp mornings, and my bare foot first touches the chill of the hardwood floor beneath me, all I can think of is coffee, and SWEATS.  Getting dressed this morning, and not having any appointments until much later in the day, my mind could only think of the coziness of sweats against my skin.  As much as I love style, especially in colder months, I'm torn between the coziness of sweats and the incredible feeling I get when I put together an amazing outfit.  Aside from that though, I think we are living in a "sweats" culture, and it's been popularized by the giant:  Victoria's Secret.  Victoria's Secret has made wearing sweats fashionable on shopping and lunch dates, hanging out with the girls, or even traveling. 

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The Wildcard, "What Will I Wear With That?" Piece.

I just bought this pink lacey top by Top Shop from Nordstrom on sale.  I think I spent around $25 on it, and am so glad I did.  You know when something catches your eye, and you say to yourself, "I like this.  Not sure how I'll wear it yet, but I know it will be that wild element in my closet to up the ante on an outfit."  Yep, that's this piece.  For my sister's surprise birthday, I wanted to wear something special, fun, and memorable for pictures and what not.  So, I paired this top, with my 50's inspired Rock and Republic skirt, JCrew patent leather belt, Charming Charlie bangles I got from the NYC Lucky Fab conference last week, and my Louboutins to create a look to remember AND rewear.  The pinky lacey top is so much more fun than basic black.  I love that "I'm a genious" feeling!  Here's to a new look!


The Secret to Crispy Kale Chips

If you've ever made kale chips, and you did them right, they turned out nice, light, and crispy.  But, if you're like me, you made them a second time, and they turned out soggy!  Oh no!  Since kale is such a healthy, easy way to get your vegetables, I attempted to make the chips again, this time, nice, light, and crispy! 

The secret I found to crispy kale chips, is that the kale must be completely dry before putting it in the oven, and you must sprinkle olive oil ever so lightly all over the kale before baking.  I tried these two tricks with my third batch, and voila, perfectly crisped kale chips.

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A Little, Colorful Secret for a Wardrobe Facelift


Alright, you caught me mid-laugh, but seriously, if you're ever in a rush to put together a great outfit, or you want to give your closet a quick, inexpensive, and VISIBLE facelift, flood your drawers with simple, soft, and versatile lightweight sweaters in a variety of colors.  When I'm running out the door, I'm usually tempted to throw on a dress, since it takes the least amount of time and effort to look good.  Sometimes, though, I'm just not feeling a dress, and want to be a little more creative.

Problem solved.  This season, make it your mission to buy five new, dressy, solid yet simple sweaters to pair with all your pencil skirts, dress pants and jeans.  Brights make a statement, especially in the cold weather, when it seems like everything looks grey and bleak.  A bright, simple (no frills, ruffles, buttons) sweater, with a pencil skirt in a neutral tone and great necklace is such an easy way to make a statement.

JCrew is great for finding simple, lightweight dress sweaters in bright colors.  I'm liking this one currently! 



A Chair Affair!  

A simple change of chair in your home office can truly work aesthetic wonders!  When most of us struggle with space issues in our homes, jazzing up tight work environments with unique and artistic pieces can really take something ordinary to warm and welcoming.

Now, a typical desk chair in this space of course would work, but it's boring and even ugly.  To pretty up an office space that traditionally calls for stark neutrals, dark colors, and plastic and vinyl chair accents, try and find something different and lively!  I found this Cynthia Rowley chair for $150 in Homegoods. 


Freelance Fashion Conference

I had the lovely chance to interact with fashion and style-minded individuals at the Freelance Fashion Conference in New York this past Saturday.  What a great time to check out what all these creative minds were up to; from magazine owners, to fashion bloggers, to really informative speakers on technology and social media.  I woke up at 5 am to get on the bus to New York, and did my best to look the part with just a few hours of sleep.  Good thing I have great concealor!

If you can't tell in this picture, I'm wearing one of my favorite necklaces of all time, this fantastic jeweled statement piece from JCrew that makes people ask, "Where did you get THAT?" EVERY time I wear it.  My dress, bought last year from Express, and my black peep-toe Louboutin Very Prives were super stylish and fun to wear, but the necklace is what tied it all together.  I find much of the time, a WOW piece of jewelry, hand bag, or shoes can take a non-designer dress to a whole other level.

I learned a lot of great stuff, and I'm looking forward to my next conference in October!


A SepTANber to remember

You may be enjoying the beautiful days of September, when the temperature is just right, the sun is shining, skies are blue, and there's no humidity.  Many of us have said goodbye to the beaches and pools of summer, and as a result, we say goodbye to our tans too.  I hate being pasty white, but I still want to wear my dresses, skirts, wedges, and sandals while I still can.

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Coat Craze

I'm officially obsessed.  Yes, with this coat by Tory Burch.  Between the vivid green, jade, and emerald colors, sparkly threading, and simplisitc style, what a fabulous addition to anyone's coat closet!  I took advantage of the Labor Day 30% promo code, and got the regularly priced $495 coat for a bit over $300. 

I love that I see more and more designers taking chances with their coat designs.  Last year, JCrew went bright with yellows, mint green and pink outerwear.  If you could snag a perfectly designed Houndstooth or plaid printed coat last year, you were lucky.  This year, I'll consider myself lucky that I grabbed this gem on promotion.

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Paris Plages

Although we are approaching the end of summer, it's never too late to dream up plans for next year!  Centrally located in France, Paris becomes a beach lovers paradise in the summer months when the city transforms an actual road into a beach!  Welcome to Paris Plages, a stretch of picturesque roadway along the Seine River, which gets covered by sand and umbrellas to create an actual beach in a city that doesn't have any!  Brilliant!  If you happen to live in a city without a beach, imagine walking out your front door, instead of sitting in hours of traffic to catch some rays and put your toes in the sand?  Even though the Seine River doesn't mimic an ocean, the whole idea is a great alternative to a classic American summertime tradition for many.

Find more information on Paris Plages at:



With all the media, health food stores, and dieticians telling us what we should be consuming to get ourselves healthy and svelte, things can get exhausting, and not quite appetizing.  I remember going into a health-concious grocery store, and purchasing this do-it-all magic powder to blend into my smoothies.  The thought of drinking all my vitamins and minerals sounded great, but when it came to actually drinking them, I could taste every darn vitamin I was drinking.  Yeah-not good.  One morning, before I was leaving for a European vacation, I decided to combine some fruits and veggies into a juice, because I knew I would be nutrient deprived as a result of my travels.  I loved the juice so much, that now it's a breakfast staple, and a lot easier to drink than that gross magic powder sitting in my cabinet.

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The Styles of the South of France

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about fashions, and I know it’s due time.  So, here comes my style report from the French Riviera, which you are bound to find in the latest magazines.

-Fringed bikini tops.  I love this style, and it works for most women.  Take a bikini top, add some fringe, and voila, you got a little extra oomph up there.  Love it.

-Tiny bikini bottoms.  The last time I was in France, I remembered less up top, more on the bottom.  It seems as if that has changed, because now, the ladies go a little skimpy on the bottom, but no one seems to mind!

-Patterned pants.  In every store on the French Riviera, I saw patterned pants.  So cute to wear with a tank top and sandals, or as a classier cover-up.

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